Dave Mortach


Dave Mortach is an economic specialist living in Avon, Ohio. He is known for prioritizing the success of his customers’ retirements above anything else.

About Dave Mortach

After twenty years of acquiring knowledge from previous employers, he created his own firm. The primary purpose of his company was to assist his fellow residents of Northeast Ohio with the creation and maintenance of their nest eggs. Dave empowers people to take part in building their own retirement funds by educating them and being transparent throughout his process. 

Dave grew up in North Olmsted, Ohio as the son of a firefighter. The same strong work ethic and loyalty that surrounded him throughout his childhood were carried into his adult life. Even though Dave Mortach entered the financial sector during one of the most turbulent decades in stock market history, none of his customers lost any money throughout that tumultuous period. 

Dave Mortach also stands out from his competition by helping his clients secure their funds, reduce expenses, and avoid probate issues through a proprietary methodology. In addition to producing growth while the market is up, Dave protects his clientele from losses when it goes down.

Dave is so confident in his methods that he and his wife follow the same tactics. As someone approaching retirement and can fully put himself in his customers’ position, Dave understands there is nothing worse than a twofold drop in income because one is taking money out at the same time they are losing it.

He has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau after 19 years in the profession, is the Retirement Wealth Planning radio program host, and often appears on the Fox Noon News Hour, New Day Cleveland, and WKYC Live Lakeside, and the Today Show.

Dave and his family are also active members of their community. Some of their favorite charities are Coats for Kids, and they are strong supporters of the Travis Mills Foundation, providing a sanctuary for veterans and their fellow countrymen. 

In his spare time, Dave can be found enjoying golf, watching hockey, and spending time with his family.

To read more about Dave Mortach, both professionally and personally, visit his other websites, davemortach.net and davemortach.org!


Dave Mortach

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